Your luxury shop now Social and 3D

Create a unique experience for your customers and gain brand loyalty

Exclusively for iPhone and iPad

We will build the store of your dreams

There are no limits to your creativity. Tell us what your dream store is like. We will create it for a fraction of what it would cost you to decorate a shop in the real world.

My 3D Store is exactly what I dreamed about.

A truly social experience

Your customers will be shopping in your 3D store, just as in real life. They will discuss the products including talking and chatting and a unique experience that will make them come back.

Also, if you want you can have online sellers that will help them in person.

My clients buy as they would in the actual store. Now we can advise them naturally online.

Connect it to your current eCommerce

If you already have a store with eCommerce software,

No problem!

We will connect the store to the 3D website. You only have to manage a stock and a product catalog.

Your job will be to present the product in the most attractive way on your new store.

We promote your store in our community

We are committed to your success. We will include your shop in a prominent place in our virtual world.

We have over 100,000 registered users and continue growing.

We will send you visitors from all over the world.

Nicolas - Artmajeur

Our art gallery is impressive. Now we can relate to our artists in a way impossible with other technologies.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Contact us now